The Artist  Anthony Santos

Anthony Santos started painting at 4 years old.  He has always been drawn to art, whether it was picking up a pencil and blank paper or filling a street with chalk.  Anthony was first introduced to the graffiti style art in the 4th grade while living in Sacramento, California, and by the time he was in the 5th grade, was a well-known artist in his hometown.  It was in 1998, while Anthony was in the 7th grade, that he brought his art style to the canvas.  He scheduled his first art show in 2002 where the audience marveled at his unique style combining acrylic paint with spray paint, incorporating his graffiti culture to fine art.  Since then, it has been nothing but progression for Anthony as he has participated in numerous art shows, became an established artist in Broker’s Building Gallery in the heart of Downtown, San Diego, serving on the Broker’s Building Gallery Board. Artist Statement  The method I use is called “background, middle ground, foreground” which means that when I start a painting I paint everything in the background first, followed by the middle ground, and end with the foreground or the objects closest to you. I choose to use this method to make my work look as natural as possible.  I use Acrylic paints because they dry very quickly, allowing me to paint many layers on the canvas.  In my Music Note series I made it possible to see music as if you were hearing live.  Hence the series name, “Music to My Eyes”.  In my other work I like to use a lot of symbolism.  The great thing about the symbolism I use is that it has to do with life’s many circumstances so that a variety of people can relate and tie it in with the emotions and times of their lives.


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